Saturday, November 19, 2005

my copyright

You can make the items to sell at craft fairs, bazaars, and local areas, but you may not sell the patterns themselves ever and never can sell online at any craft or ebay like situation. To sell online would have to have written consent by me and my company or we will sue to the extent of the law.

I don't mind if you put a link to my site on websites but to let me know so that I can reciprocate the deal for you.

I have and will update as need be on the copyright but don't take someone's hard work and claim it as your own. There are a lot of hard working designers out there and you don't want to bite the hand that feeds your need for patterns. I don't get paid for my patterns and if I wanted to I would myself sell and not have someone else get my rightful profits.

I welcome pictures and variations of my designs to showcase here or on my blogs and websites I maintain.

thank you,
woodhill Crochet Design Studio
You can click on my profile to take you to my pattern page blogs I run.


hibeyond said...

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Chocolate boots

sand boots

Chestnut boots

gray boots

pink boots

grey boots

pink boots

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