Saturday, December 03, 2005

My Luxury Scarf

By Bren
Woodhill Crochet Design Studio
Nov 2005

Need about 7 oz Homespun yarn and 1 ball fun fur for small scarf
And about 9-12 oz and 1 ball of fun fur for large scarf

Small scarf (large scarf differences in parenthesis)

K hook adult size

J hook young child size

Gauge: 3 dc = 1” I crochet tightly so you may have to go to smaller hooks for right sized fit.

Homespun is a bulky yarn and I fun fur is and eyelash type yarn.

With a strand of fun fur and homespun yarn together for first 6 rows and then you will do homespun by itself till other side and then do the last 6 rows with fun fur added to it.

Row 1: Ch 13(21) sc in second ch from hook and across. 12 sc(20 sc).

Row 2: ch 2 dc in same st and each across. (first ch 2 is a filler and not a st), 12dc(20dc).
Rows 3-6: rep row 2, at end of 6 leave a length of fun fur to weave in but you will continue with homespun to almost desired length.

Then you will bring in fun fur for 5 rows of dc and the last row of sc.

To finish off you will add varying lengths of homespun and fun fur lengths for fringe. Please knot the ends of homespun and fun fur so they don’t frizz out all the way.


laura said...

Cute pattern but, no hook size or gauge.

Rachel said...

Very pretty scarf. I love the color too. :)

Bren of Woodhill design said...

Forgot to put the hook is fixed now and for the gauge, This pattern really doesn't have a gauge to it as you can make it smaller or wider or longer or shorter than I have done. It is a preference...

ProudArmyWife21 said...

Love this! So pretty!! I am still learning so I am beginner for sure. I was wondering if you have any beginner patterns? Specially any for babies.. I am expecting my first baby boy but having a hard time finding beginner patterns
Thanks for your time

hibeyond said...

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SimplyBrejo said...

Laura, she states K hook for adult and J hook for kids. Also, the gauge is 3 dc = 1"

SimplyBrejo said...

Laura, she states K hook for adult and J hook for kids. Also, the gauge is 3 dc = 1"

Dana Gilliam said...

This is such a great idea. Can't wait to try it.